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15% Mother's Day Coupon Code = MOTHER

Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags, 204 ct.

by Ziploc
SKU 025700704232
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Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags, 204 ct.

Keep Your Kitchen Organized and Fresh with Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags. Say goodbye to clutter and food waste with Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags, the perfect solution for storing, organizing, and preserving your food items. With a generous count of 204 bags in total, this value pack ensures you have plenty of storage options to keep your kitchen neat, tidy, and fresh for longer. Experience the convenience and versatility of Ziploc bags for all your food storage needs.

  1. Dual Size Pack: This convenient pack includes both gallon-sized and quart-sized Ziploc bags, providing you with versatile storage options for a variety of food items, from leftovers to snacks and meal prep ingredients.

  2. Total of 204 Bags: With 102 gallon-sized bags and 102 quart-sized bags included in this pack, you'll have an ample supply of Ziploc bags to meet all your food storage needs for weeks to come.

  3. Secure Seal: Ziploc bags feature the brand's patented double zipper seal, which locks in freshness and prevents leaks, spills, and odors from escaping, ensuring your food stays fresh and flavorful.

  4. Versatile Use: Use Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags to store and organize a wide range of food items, including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, snacks, and more, both in the fridge and freezer.

  5. Space-Saving Design: The compact and stackable design of Ziploc bags helps maximize storage space in your kitchen pantry, refrigerator, or freezer, allowing you to efficiently organize and store your food items.

  6. BPA-Free Material: Ziploc bags are made from durable and BPA-free plastic material, providing a safe and reliable storage solution for your family's food items.

  7. Easy Dispensing: The bags are conveniently packed in a box with an easy-open dispenser, allowing for quick and hassle-free access to Ziploc bags whenever you need them.

  8. Labeling Made Easy: Write-on labels on Ziploc bags make it easy to identify and date your stored food items, helping you stay organized and avoid food waste by keeping track of expiration dates.

  9. Reusable and Recyclable: While Ziploc bags are designed for single-use, they can be rinsed, dried, and reused for certain purposes, and are also recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice for food storage.

Simplify your food storage routine with Ziploc Gallon & Storage Quart Bags today! Order now to experience the convenience, versatility, and freshness they provide for your kitchen.