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15% Mother's Day Coupon Code = MOTHER
15% Mother's Day Coupon Code = MOTHER

Aveeno Shave Gel Fragrance-Free, 7 oz

by Aveeno
SKU β€ŽB0000536EY
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Original price KSh1,994.98
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Original price KSh1,994.98
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KSh1,599.00 - KSh1,599.00
Current price KSh1,599.00

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Craft your allure. Be the magnet. Choose Aveeno.

Brand: Aveeno
Item Form: Gel
Scent: Fragrance-Free
Material Type Free: fragrance free
Skin Type: Dry

🌍 Designed for the Kenyan Man: Specifically formulated to cater to the unique skin needs of Kenyan men, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

πŸ’˜ Romantic Masculine Appeal: Elevate your allure with a shave so close and smooth, it's bound to turn heads. Let your face be the canvas that paints a picture of undeniable attraction.

🧲 Attracts Like a Magnet: Why blend in when you can stand out? With Aveeno Shave Gel, you're not just shaving - you're crafting a look that draws attention, especially from the ladies.

πŸƒ Fragrance-Free Magic: No overpowering scents. Just the natural, clean freshness of a great shave, allowing your personal cologne or natural scent to take center stage.

🧼 Rich Lather, Smooth Glide: Experience a rich, creamy lather that ensures your razor glides effortlessly, reducing nicks, cuts, and irritation.

🌿 Natural Ingredients: Infused with the goodness of nature, Aveeno brings you a shave gel that's gentle on the skin but tough on stubble.

πŸ’§ Moisturizing Formula: No more post-shave dryness. Aveeno Shave Gel ensures your skin remains hydrated and soft, radiating a healthy glow.

πŸ“ Economical 7 oz Pack: A little goes a long way. This 7 oz pack ensures you have a lasting supply for consistent shaving excellence.

🀝 Perfect for All Skin Types: Whether you have sensitive skin or the rough terrain of a seasoned adventurer, this shave gel is your go-to for a perfect shave.

πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Proudly Used by Kenyan Men: Join the league of discerning Kenyan men who choose Aveeno for their grooming needs. Be the man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.